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...and it was

Well, the Child Bite concert mentioned below was awesome... went with my Dad.... he actually didn't mind the band but wished he could hear the vocals better!

I thought it was great, a short but energetic 30 minute set, awesome and cheap merch ($10 per t-shirt!) and on top of that the band just hung out with the audience beforehand and were very nice guys.

I did an interview with their singer Shawn and will be writing that up soon, expect it on The Tollbooth and on my other website as soon as I have some freakin' time to myself. This week is crazy busy.

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Child Bite
Sep 21, 2008 8:00 PM
431 College St, Toronto, Ontario
Cost : what you can

Man do I ever want to go to this concert.... I really hope I have the next day off work.

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Bring on the Musics!!!

Looks like Jerry and I are in the same boat. After my camping trip I have no less than ten albums to review for the illustrious Phantom Tollbooth. Here's the list:

1. Close Your Eyes - S/T EP
2. Child Bite - Fantastic Gusts of Blood
3. David Crowder Band - Remedy Club Tour Live
4. Generation Letter - EP
5. Javelins - Heavy Meadows
6. MissionSix - Superhero
7. NYpoleon - The Warm Up
8. Radio Radio - Alarm 1 Alarm 2
9. West Coast Revival - S/T
10. Ayiesha Woods - Love Like This

As with Jer, I'll try to get AT LEAST one in a day.

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I guess Jerry was right, I will still write here, though I may change servers eventually. Just some updates... Jerry's wedding was great, went off without a hitch, and just like at my wedding we just missed the rain. Everyone had fun, cleanup was fast, it all was just really nice. Congrats to Jelly Bananas, and his wife, the newly christened Stewed Bananas. 

Sunday was also great, as Rach and I visited Andy, Misty and Annie in Toronto, attending the Waterfront Festival. We had a coconut (surprisingly bad), and also went  to the usual shopping spots. (Sonic Boom / The Beguiling / etc.)

Picked up some killer tunes, a couple CDs for me, a couple for Rach:

Mortification - Mortification (Limited Edition Reissue) Making their classic debut easier to find, but not for long as it is limited to 1000 copies. This is raw deathrash.

Caedmon's Call- Share the Well The steal of the day at $4.95. This is a great pseudo-concept record about the Dalit in India

Roadside Monument- Eight Hours Away From Being A Man Finally snagged this classic Math Rock on CD. One of the best and most challenging records ever on Tooth & Nail.

Kiss Kiss- Reality Vs. The Optimist Rach got me hooked on this. Eccentric pop with some Avant Garde leanings. Sounds like... a less polished Mika jamming with Sixteen Horsepower and John Zorn, with obscure arty lyrics. Fun.

Gah... we need a new CD rack... 

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My blog has no meaning if you're not listening

I have been writing this blog for just over four years... from my second year as an undergraduate university student to now. It is time to move on...

I am writing to announce the creation of my new website. This website is less of a personal journal and more of a professional page. I have entered into freelance writing, and intend to build a career with it, so please tell all your friends that I am freelancing. (No, really, tell all your friends I am freelancing).

My new website will be focused on my career. Expect to see reviews, textual criticism, poetry, and other creative and technical endeavors. You won't be seeing personal updates and "journal" entries unless they are related to freelancing. In other words, if you want to know what is going on in my life you'll actually have to talk to me (tragic, I know).

The new website is scant on content now, but as I get more time I will be updating it regularly. The best news is that it will be very hard for you to forget the url: noahsalo.com

Please update your bookmarks. If you have any ideas/comments/questions, or if you are interested in hiring me for a freelance or technical project, please e-mail me. Thank you, it's been fun.

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A couple weekends ago we went to Rach's family's place for her sisters' b-days. While there Rach's lappy kicked the bucket so we got a new MacBook... Apple has a deal on now so I also got a free iPod touch. Quite nice indeed.

Now I'm working at Tim Horton's (again)... it's a job and yeah. More updates later......... expect some significant changes to my online presence coming in the near future............. be prepared!